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How to change perspective and pick yourself up

Design your life. Skyrocket your productivity with the right words. Pretty up your deskspace with bespoke designs.


Happy thoughts doesn’t have to be a limited resource

Hey there, I’m Soph. Professional designer. Wordsmith enthusiast. High spirited hand letterer.

Someone once described me as the happiest person they know.

I turn optimistic words into visually stunning, hand lettered works of art.

Everything I create gives you the inspiration you need to curate your own mindset and design a life you’re totally in love with.

 You can learn more about me here.

Welcome to The Type Project

Limited edition, hand lettered statements for

…free-spirited corporate goddesses
who love beautiful stationery that reflects their personal style

… passionate design connoisseurs
who want turn their home into an inspiring retreat

…unshakeable optimists
who take a stand for love, creating a ripple effect spreading happy thoughts

… and all those in between,
who don’t quite fit any mold, the quirky misfits and romantic rebels with a cause

 A shop for hand lettering connoisseurs and typography lovers


Inspiration for the future you

Get a totally Instagrammable
and hyper-organised desk

Grab your free 12 months of lettering
calendar to transform your workspace
into an uplifting space


Keen to start designing
letters but not sure how?

The Ultimate Lettering Playbook,
my free ebook, will guide you on
the foundations of letterforms
from a professional perspective.


Get your lettering fix
with some retail therapy

Lettering is a gift that keeps giving.
Words become works of art, with the
transformational power to change
things and the unique ability to make
you see and feel… all at once.


What’s on offer

Shop hand lettered
prints and stationery

For those who love the charm
and old school confidence of a
hand written love note.


Hand lettering
next level training

Put those hand lettering muscles
to work in an online program
from The Type Project.


Work with me

Elevate your brand with a
design package, or redefine your
space with a bespoke artwork.


“I bought this today yay! This will be winging its way to Scotland very soon”

Julie Lamb, Vicinity Store

“So so good! Amazing market and loved your [Finders Keepers] stall!”


“One of my favourite finds today. A gorgeous typographic print… Just need to frame it and get it on my wall.”

Rachael Brooks