Connecting the old-fashioned way never goes out of style.

The quality of our relationships matter. Our connection with others is at the heart of our happiness. We crave it. So shine that light and spread optimism like wildfire. Real, genuine connection with those around you starts right here. You know the right words have the power to change things. Find those words, and combine them with lettering.

It starts with you.

Yes, I’m ready!

Welcome to the Type Project

My lettered words are for all the

wild hearts | style makers | design lovers | romantic rebels
unshakeable optimists | world changers | soul-preneurs | trailblazers

who make it their mission to connect. Who give more than they recieve.
Humans who care deeply and burn with fierce love.


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Design musings, fresh words,
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The debut lettering collection with
the right words, when you need them